TeachMeetAsia on the Gold Coast!

Thursday 23rd October, 2014

Venue:The Southport School
2 Winchester St, Southport QLD

Time: 1.00pm lunch
1.30pm – 3.30pm presentations

Lisa Hayman

TeachMeetAsia is hosted by The Southport School
and Asia Education Foundation.

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Map of school and venue
AEF_day 1-2-16.jpg
TeachMeetAsia invites you to present either a 2 or 7 minute presentation to illustrate and share good practice as it relates to Asia literacy. Possible ideas include:
  • Asian language programmes – curriculum, learning & teaching approaches, student pathways
  • Use of ICT to connect and engage students with Asia
  • Overseas learning experiences for students to Asia
  • Asia in the English, history, geography, the Arts learning areas

Want to host a TeachMeet in Brisbane? Email the wiki coordinator to list your event.

What a great TeachMeet Brisbane we had at St Paul's School - "Students in the driving seat'. A big thanks to all at St Paul's School for hosting us, to the 12 fantastic presenters and to all who came along to share in the occasion!

Welcome to TeachMeet Brisbane! - PD For Teachers by Teachers

TeachMeet is a fantastic model for delivery of professional learning. A free and open exchange of ideas, innovation, strategies and experiences, TeachMeet's can be hosted by anyone. This wiki serves as a common starting point to share and promote engagement at #tmbrisbane events. Want to run a teachmeet or list your planned teachmeet event? Contact the site organisers.

What is TeachMeet?
Dedicated teachers interested in learning and sharing ideas for pedagogy that works to increase student engagement and achievement.
This page has been set up to help facilitate the development of an active Brisbane chapter of the highly inspiring, amazingly contagious and totally gratifying TeachMeet circuit.

The Teachmeet Mission:
  • To inspire each other with interesting and useful ideas
  • To develop and maintain a network of partners in teaching and learning
  • To share ideas and strategies for use in the classroom and beyond

What people are saying about TeachMeet:
@mesterman: "Teachers trust other teachers more than anyone else on "what works" for learning"
@cpaterso "It's better than a conference, it's about learning, it's by and for real teachers, it's fun, and it's free."
@7mrsjames "Collaborate, indulge, be inspired, make contacts. Got be in it to see! Try it...you'll like it."

Interested in getting involved with a new movement in Brisbane? Register your contacts here and let's let the collective creativity flow!

Let's make use of the #TMBris hashtag to help build this and be sure that even though we may be one hour behind 6 months of the year, that we are not behind the times.

Check out how it has been done down south with the successful TMSydney.

Still want to find out more about what TeachMeet is all about? Watch and learn! (thanks to BrainPopUK and tmsydneywest).

You can find some of the Teachmeet Sydney presentations online too, so see what is building.

* TeachMeets are informally organised events which facilitate teachers sharing their classroom practice in the presence of other educators. Teachmeets are held at various locations around Australia. The venues we choose are a range of public and private establishments with various levels of risk to patrons. The hosts are responsible only for organising the event to the best of their ability. Attendees take it upon themselves to be responsible for their own safety and security – including that of their property. The venues we use will have their own arrangements for appropriate insurance and, by hosting an event, accept the normal responsibilities of that venue under typical circumstances. The hosts will not accept responsibility for the safety and security of participants or their individual satisfaction with the professional development provided on the day.